ANYA : Velour Bubble Bonnet

MikoFabulous Chapeaux ANYA

MikoFabulous Chapeaux ANYA back

A wound and twisted confection like salt water taffy so much you can taste it! Finished with an antique broach and pink tendrils, the soft velour and head covering shape evoke warmth to add to its sweetness. An easy hat to dress up or dress down, it is quintessential San Francisco style: comfortable, casual and unique. (Size 23″)

If you are interested in using MikoFabulous Chapeaux for a photo shoot, fashion show or press please inquire at and state your title in the subject line. It is possible to have hats custom made for editorials, designer shows, and special clients, especially when based on examples like this. Please make your specific requests and inquiries in your email.

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