BELLE : Sequin Freeform Cloche with Antique Pin

MikoFabulous Chapeaux BELLE

Risk taking and happy accidents can lead you to your destiny. Not every hat starts with a concrete concept but with every decision evolves into a more beautiful hat – like this.

Originally blocked on a pillbox shape this freeform cloche took a different form on a head shape block. Slicing it with my scissors opened it up like a doorway. Time with the precious and patient ladies at Britex put me in touch with exactly the beaded trim to suit the curvature in the hat’s shape. I couldn’t get enough! It’s a party in the front and the back that gleams in the sunlight and trickles across the forehead. But it is the antique pin I picked with my mother-in-law in Ohio that perfected this piece. (Size 22″-22.5″)

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