CELINE : Veiled Lace Sculpted Wool Cocktail Hat

MikoFabulous Cheapeaux CELINE 2

MikoFabulous Cheapeaux CELINE

The strongly shaped military green base is an unusual choice for a cocktail hat but when the right pieces of lace, veil and beading found themselves into this architectural shape it’s like they were made to be partners.

While cocktail hats may be a vintage concept this modern structure and color combination lends itself to more practical wear at special occasions, not just ones devoted to costumes and party hats. The face flattering nude colored veil is seductive and alluring without being uncomfortable and restrictive. The topper has a head fitting form that fits securely on top without combs or clips.
(Size 22-22.5″)

If you are interested in using MikoFabulous Chapeaux for a photo shoot, fashion show or press please inquire fashion@mikofabulous.com and state your title in the subject line. It is possible to have hats custom made for editorials, designer shows, and special clients, especially when based on examples like this. Please make your specific requests and inquiries in your email.

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