CHANTAL : Sequin Trimmed Freeform Velour Cloche

MikoFabulous Chapeaux LOLA 2

MikoFabulous Chapeaux

The folds sweep around both sides of the face and wrap around the top of the scull like fingers. It has a 20’s vibe but works exceptionally well with casual clothing. It is soft taupe velour felt, hand free formed with hand stitched embroidered sequin lace.

Six weeks after taking my first hat making class I wore this cloche into another woman’s hat store and she ordered me to leave for unfairly staking out the competition! What can I say? Haters gonna hate, hatters gotta hat! I could not have gotten a more honestly flattering response to my first solo effort. Nothing says real like being taken seriously. Real seriously. (It is a size 22.5″ to 23″.)

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