Gifts We Treaure

Research in the field of mindfulness has shown that despite our vast consumer culture, we inherently derive deeper satisfaction from experiences rather than just “stuff.” Joy comes from what we feel not what we’ve got. And fond memories are the gift that keeps on giving.

This explains why we pay for vacations and fine dining.

I guess that’s the origin story of gifts like soap and socks. (God do I have so much body wash, perfume and lotion I will never wear. I think my least favorite gift trend is boxes of fruit. What am I supposed to do with five pounds of pears???

A TRULY unique present is derived from something you know someone enjoys that they could not otherwise find or won’t buy for themselves.

A TRULY custom gift basket revolves around creating a series of experiences that suit the recipient or introduce them to new things.

A TRULY useful gift registry lists things that will facilitate newly minted married life or ease the introduction of a new baby.

And when in doubt a really nice bottle of wine and spirits is always appreciated.

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