What’s the Perfect Gift?

What does a REALLY “need?’

Do they need to spend more quality time with their significant other or family? Is your friendship group in need of something new? Have you heard this person talk about something they’ve been wanting to try?

Food has a great way of bringing people together. Not pounds of fruit! But the ability cook, create and enjoy the fruits of that labor. That may be something someone wouldn’t ordinarily buy themselves like a waffle maker – with the batter mix of course! Or enhancing the experience with a new set of chef’s knives (with a sharpener!), food processor or Nutraninja. Even a small gifts like novelty aprons, fresh salt and pepper grinder, a tangible recipe book or cookie cutters will bring a smile to someone’s face.

…So does chocolate. Really indulgent chocolate!

New hobbies and traditions are another great gift when intended for bonding. How about some bike helmets, a bike tour and a bike share account? What about creating a game night to enjoy with your friends that includes a naughty card game, shot glasses and a specialty tequila? And when you’re looking to create baskets for auction, what is something people wouldn’t otherwise treat themselves too?

Gift cards and gift subscriptions are not without their usefulness. But beware that someone might already have a favorite salon and spa or don’t shop at a certain store. Then again, I’ve never heard of someone who can’t use an Amazon or Target gift card. The key to making it meaningful would be to include something else personal that IS personal where the gift card is for finding the right gear or perfect fit to go with it.

As a rule: Don’t get someone deoderant or skydiving lessons.

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