YASINAH FLEUR : Yosina Hat with Fleur Hat Pin

Wild and abstract by design, this hatpin designed for Yasinah aims to replicate the true nature of wild flowers and the beauty in their natural asymmetry. Hand cut and curled felt, velour and… Continue reading

YASINAH : Salome Fur Felt with Velvet Leaf Splay

The delicate long fur strands sweep across this multidimensional topper custom designed with multiple possibilities in mind. Attractively worn on three different sides, a velvet leaf splay compliments every direction in a subtle… Continue reading

ROBIN : Robin Hood Inspired Wool Topper

The human mind makes strange and wonderful connections between structure and meaning, like in buildings, sculpture and this extraterrestrial Robin Hood(ette) concoction. The dramatic tiered shape of this pointy topper is fierce and… Continue reading

BELLE : Sequin Freeform Cloche with Antique Pin

Risk taking and happy accidents can lead you to your destiny. Not every hat starts with a concrete concept but with every decision evolves into a more beautiful hat – like this. Originally… Continue reading