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The MikoFabulous philosophy is in the name: it’s how a girl named Miko defines that bright, delectable, freeing word that’s bathed in fashion, “FABULOUS!” Chapeaux (french for “hats”) are by nature fabulous. A hat can make a girl on a bad hair day a mysterious ingénue and when applied correctly with a coordinating ensemble can look positively modelicious. Our grandmothers and all the women before them would match their hat to their dress, coat, shoes even their gloves. That’s probably why just adding a hat alone makes us look so put together and yes, fabulous!

After spending time with some millinery educators I learned quickly that I don’t gravitate towards traditional hats. I would rather hang myself than end the life of a hat with a ribbon and flower. (But if that’s you, go put petals and a bow on everything you do because you should always do you.) I prefer the unconventional and by that I do not mean weird. I make things you can wear. I know because I’ve worn them. Be prepared for the attention! A hat can act like an invitation, particularly hats that open up your face. The hat leaves the door wide open and people assume you want them to come up and comment on your lovely hat. A compliment is a wonderful way to start a conversation with a stranger and you can never have too many friends.

Hats can also ward off unwanted attention. If one hats acts like a door, another can be like a wrap around fence for your face. Hats can have an ominous, commanding presence, and shading the eyes can be both mysterious and intimidating. Sometimes you just don’t feel like talking to people, there are those days. You might even be someone important incognito, or just want to look like that.

While hats have gained in popularity thanks to trending over the Royal Wedding, other than baseball caps they’re still an unexpected fashion accessory unlike a belt. Even a really big, bright, blingy belt is more expected than a subtle fedora. So when it comes to your hat I loathe overkill! A hat alone will get you noticed. You don’t need to grow a garden up there.

For me, I know it’s THE hat when I cherish the moments I can catch glimpses of it in any reflective surface as I’m walking or when I have eight different pouts when I put it on!

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